During 2016, I organised an art exhibition called The 1916 Sackville Street Art Project. It was an all inclusive art project that was dedicated to the 262 civilians who lost their lives during the Easter Rising of 1916. People were asked to chose a civilian that died and to make a house in their memory and give them a forever home. The exhibition of 262 Art houses was on display in the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin, Ireland in April. It ran for four weeks and had over 30,000 visitors. This image is of myself a with Blanaid Ni Chofaigh from RTE who generously opened the exhibition, she was a real lady and I was delighted to have met her.

The website www.1916sackvillestreet.com has some great images, there’s a book on sale too with all proceeds going to the Peter McVerry trust for the Homeless, already we have raised over 10,000 Euro.