Why is it whenever I go shopping or (advice from my bank account) just for a browse I always end up looking for Food or Coffee/Tea? I suppose it’s because I know I can afford at least a cup of tea and there is no guilt in the purchase or consumption of it.

I went for a nose around the Kildare village recently, not buying I might add. I was on reconnaissance mission for my alter ego Ciara- who thinks she’s got money. She is the one who loves all things nice and has the ability to convince herself that money is no object. She is the one that if she saw that Radley bag and it was not in her budget she could easily convince herself that she has worked hard enough and that she deserves it. So on a mission I was and all I can say that The Kildare Village is a Gem of an experience. It has it all. The atmosphere, the shops, the coffee(a plain nutella crepe is like 5.20 no crepe is worth 5.20)the christmas decorations alone are worth a trip. Happy people out shopping or just browsing, soaking up the experience that is quiet unique.

I wandered into Penhaligon’s perfumers and I was blasted back two years when I visited their store on Regent Street in London. The beautiful aroma’s of Quercus, Opus 1870, Empressa and many more filled my happy heart. The staff were so lovely and even gave me some samples to bring home. I have decided that this years Christmas present from Brian is going to be a bottle of Opus 1870, I’ll be smelling only gorgeous, and for once iIll actually like the present…Love you Brian…