About two years ago I self diagnosed myself as yeast intolerant. I gave up everything that contained yeast and trust me yeast or yeast extract is in alot of food and drinks. Anyway, one thing for me was moving from beer/wine to yeast free Gin, (I could talk about all the foods I gave up but nah!!!). So, I never drank “shorts” before and I could hear the Mammy(teetotaller) in the backround saying ” Oh Lord Jesus, thats it now……. shorts!!!.. can you not go out and enjoy yourself without drink? and Gin, sure you’ll end up on the floor crying after that stuff”.

Two years ago Gin was the only alcoholic beverage that I chose to drink if I fancied a tipple. Suprisingly and to my Mammy’s horrror I actually liked it and even more suprisingly I didn’t cry once!!

Anyway because I’m always thinking of new ventures and making my millions before I’m 30 (that ship has well sailed)I thought I’d like to set up a gin distillery in my shed, make my own Gin and break into the world of producing small batches of good Irish gin. I researched what was needed to start up my Gin Lab and quickly found out that there was a science to making good Gin, and as I hated science I knocked that idea on the head.

Ireland had only two main brands of Gin at that time so rather than produce my own gin I decided it would be more practical if I tasted other gins (from a scietific point of view) on the market and found Scotland and England produced a lot of Gins. I researched hard and came to the happy conclusion that Hendricks and Tanquary gin were my Gins of choice.

Fast forward 2 years………. Went out on my Christmas party night with the women in Kilkenny on Saturday night. I went into a bar asked for an Irish Gin and Tonic just for a change. I was asked would I like, a Bertha’s revenge, a Blackwater no.5, a Dingle distillery, a Dublin City, a Glendalough wild botanical seasonal, a Gunpowder, a Shortcross, or a St.Patricks dsitillery Gin? WTF….? Two years ago it was Gordons or Cork…. I missed the bloody boat again!

The question now,  which one do I choose? Do I have to drink Gunpowder Gin with Poachers tonic(as marketed) or stick to my old reliable Schwepps slimline? Or what about Fever tree tonic water, which Gin tastes better with that? Or do you prefer a slice of cucumber(recommended) or stick to lime like me.. cucumber my arse! And what’s the story with the price? Two unnamed g&t’s with schwepps tonics, cost me nearly 20 quid…..

So what’s the moral of the story?  I think I’m going to be a snail Farmer….watch this space!fullsizerender-8