Brian rang me in work and asked me if I was doing anything that evening. ..Wha????? I immediately threw my eyes up to heaven, it’s Thursday!!!!!! All I’m fit for is pyjamas and the telly. The thoughts of doing anything other than that was starting to make me tense….

Anyway Brian was thinking that we hadn’t spent much time together over the past few months. He thought we should have a date night…. that night!!!!!. Oh For f…. sake, a bloody date night my arse, we’re not American, it’s Thursday night, I’m wrecked, I’ve to work tomorrow, I’m in my work clothes and couldn’t be arsed putting make-up on and sorting out my hair. I have to sort lunch boxes and I need to go to Aldi to get small bottles of water for Roisin’s lunch.

Right Brian says I, what are you thinking? I was confident enough that I could talk him out of a “Date Night” because, it wasn’t long after Christmas and I knew our finances were tight and normally if I told Brian that we should wait for a week or two, he’d agree and then forget about it.

So anyway, Brian said he was taking me out for dinner, I responded by yawning and saying that it’s not long after Christmas and we should really be watching our spending….to which Brian replied, sure we have the voucher that Daddy gave us for Christmas for that restaurant in town, the one over the Carry out Off Licence. I’ve rang your Mother and she’ll take the kids for a couple of hours so you’ve no excuses…well that wiped the smile off my smug face….. there was no getting out of this date night!!!!

Left work, sulked all the way home (5 minute walk across the road)…Got the kids fed and dropped them to my Mothers and off out we set for our dinner.

The restaurant formally Known as “La Scala” was now “Novaks”.  On entering the restaurant we were met by a waitress who genuinely looked like she was happy to see us, which is always a plus. We were shown to a table where some years previous we had sat as a “courting couple” and enjoyed the fact that the late Katie French (Model) was having her dinner in the same vicinity as her number one fan “Brian”. That night Brian confessed that if Katie French gave him the eye, he was sorry but he couldn’t really say no to her…. I looked blankly at him and said that’s fine Brian I understand…..Thankfully Katie only had eyes for the ” ride ” she was with, and poor Brian had to go home with me…..

While reminiscing about that night, I told Brian that I was sweating there for a while during dessert, when Katie looked up and I thought if she looks in our direction and catches a glimpse of Brian, that’s it, my life as I knew it was over…. Brian and Katie would sail off into the sunset…. But thankfully she got stuck into her ice cream (and ur man beside her) and I got to hold onto my Brian!!!!!!

My sulk lifted and myself and Brian settled in to what was beginning to look like a good night. Brian was driving and declined an alcoholic beverage. I had a glass of the house red, Brian asked if it was nice and I felt a little guilty saying it was lovely (ok I didn’t feel guilty).

The menu looked so gorgeous I didn’t know what to choose. I went with my old reliable goats cheese tart to start, the steak for mains and I’d wait to see if I had any room for dessert (no brainer, but I was trying to act like my life doesn’t revolve around sweet things). Brian went for the black pudding to start and the lamb for mains. He commented on me getting the steak, “You never get the steak”, I know says I, and I’ve never been on a date night with a married man before either….

When the food arrived I told Brian that I didn’t want to eat it. It looked too gorgeous on the plate and to eat it would ruin the beauty of it, Brian told me not to be such a gob-shite and eat it before it gets cold. I dutifully ate every morsel and sampled some of his too…. Both were amazing. I took photos of the entire meal cos I was so impressed, Brian said that I was just a weirdo…I said well  you married the weirdo, his response…. I know that only too well!!!

Mains; steak for me, lamb for himself. When the waitress arrived with the steak she automatically placed it down in front of Brian, I thought this was hilarious and told her that the steak was mine and that I wore the trousers in my house…Brian didn’t see the funny side of it. He asked me why I always had to say something, and why I couldn’t  just smile and say, sorry the steak is for me, and leave it at that. This made me laugh even more, the more I laughed I could see Brian trying to hold back a little giggle. I said, “shut -up you, eat your lamb and be happy that I brought you out of the house, and it not even your birthday”.

Brian declined dessert but I forced myself to have some..LOL.. Pecan pie with two spoons please! I’d decided that the husband had done a lovely thing today, the date night had worked out great so far and therefore I would display the most powerful act of love that I had in my arsenal at that time. I would share my dessert. Never heard of before, but I think tonight was a night for firsts. Brian looked confused when he saw the two spoons arriving with the pie, I gave him a that look, the tilt up of the head, the hush now I have this all under control look… I took the extra spoon and I smiled at him handing him the spoon across the table, I said you have made my day, I didn’t want to come tonight, the whole date night thing didn’t sit well with me but you have been so thoughtful and it’s been great fun so far, so will you do me the great honour of sharing my dessert. Brian took the spoon reluctantly I might add, I think he thought it was booby trapped or I was testing him and he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. I reassured him that the pie was fab and yes I was willing to share it with him and there were no strings attached. His face relaxed, took the spoon and said that he would have preferred the cheese cake, at this point I took his spoon back.

All courses enjoyed, we sat looking at each other , me over a glass of wine and Brian over a coffee. The younger, single us, would be getting ourselves ready to head across the road to Murphy’s Bar and lounge for the craic and the chat. We became a little nostalgic and talked about life then and now. The mood was interrupted by a text message from Will to remind me to get water for Roisin’s lunch.

Would you change anything Brian? ….. yeah I still would’ve got the cheesecake!!!!!!….