O.K. Thanks to Gwen Loughman(thank-you Gwen)for recommending this book.

I bought it to read on my recent trip to Spain, a country where, the sun shines all day and I perspire like a girl dog. I dont know about you, but as an Irish LADY in my very early forties  I found it very distressing, due to the humidity, trying to hide the trickles of water that originated under my armpit, , gathered momentum, and ended up as a tidal wave gushing down the inside of my leg. The result, a lake surrounding my flip flops…  As a very white Irish person I dont take the sun well. Actually without factor 50 I burn, peel, and I’m back to white again. One really nice waiter in Spain commented on me after two days in the Spanish sun, “oh you are very….” I cut across him trying to impress Brian and the kids with my limited knowledge of the Spanish language and said “Rojo” meaning “Red”…. he laughed and replied “No senora muy Rosado”, I smiled back and said “gracias” and staright onto Google translate……”What does Rosado mean?………. Wha!!!Fucking PINK!!!!”……Google and the waiter said I was Pink. Brian, thought this was hilarious and said “I wish you WERE Pink, she’s a ride”. I think I married a comedian or a prick I can never decide………….

Anyway about the book, a great read by an Irish author……would totally recommend it as a holiday read for the poolside, with factor 50 on everywhere….

The Other Side Of The Wall