I’ve just returned to college after a 20 year hiatus…….. Yeehaw!!!!! First assignment, do something creative that’s out of my comfort zone….. So here goes. I like to write. Usually just me reads it, I file it away and it’s forgotten. Here’s something I had forgotten……….

“Out Home”

By Ciara O’Keeffe

Standing on the floating crust,

The sponge like continent of mull and peat,

Giving a mattress of support to weary bones, I stare.

A gigantic organic ship, floating on a sea of black tar, Floating, gently, quietly, ghostly,

The humming of the damselfly and the dragonfly, Moored on the black bog rushes focuses the mind on the living.

Yet hundreds of years of decay lay underfoot, A compressed history,

This was his journey, his history which I inherited, Priceless.

The freedom in this place, this bog, his Kilart.

There’s a smell that hangs in the air, a smell that filled my senses and awoke him in me.

But a loneliness and an isolation engulf this place. Ironic, if you ever knew him you’d say he never felt either.

His body is encased in a town grave, yet this is where he was at ease, this is where his soul lives,

Running free with the hares, flying wings wide with the curlew”