My name is Ciara O’Keeffe and I am a ceramic artist among other things….. But that’s my main thing.

I love everything to do with art and I see art in almost everything, I call it my visual Honey…..

I’m from Athy in Co .Kildare, and I love living in my gorgeous little town of Athy. I am married to Brian for ages now (going on 12 years and they said it wouldn’t last). We have 2 kids, Will is 10 years old and his burning ambition is to play in goals for Liverpool….you go son!!!! Roisin is 8 years old and has just been diagnosed with dyslexia…”I’ll learn a little bit differently than everyone in my class but I’ll be grand Mammy”, needless to say she will be grand.

I qualified with a degree in Ceramic Design back in ’99 (1999 for any smart friends of mine). I’ve been dabbling in a bit of everything since leaving college, seemingly all the really rich artists are dead and rather than die and make a fortune I tried my hand at being a barmaid, letting agent, waitress, Framer, Curator, Pottery owner, Babysitter and finally for the past 8 years I’ve been teaching Ceramics to early school leavers.

Being a creative person I love to learn new things that tickle my C-Spot (creative spot, i.e. my soul!!).
Learning and experiencing new colours, food, smells, drinks, trends, are what make me tick.
I’ve travelled quite a bit, nearly every corner of Ireland, New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London and I’ve worked and lived in Edinburgh for a time. The people I’ve met have taught me so many new things and have educated my ravenous curious mind. I’m excited that I’ve so many more people to meet and so much more to experience (Hopefully).

I can’t forget to mention, Millie and Missy our two doggies and Midnight and Heidi our two cats, without them our house would not be a home.

What is this blog about:
It’s about Ceramics and Art, what’s nice and what’s not-all according to me. It’s about interiors on a budget.
It’s about craft, what people are making in the real world with a few tutorials and teaching resources thrown in.
It’s about food, I’m passionate about art on a plate, good food that looks and tastes amazing.
Guest bloggers will talk Hair, Beauty, Fashion and everything in between…